The Feed Preparation Rooms

The Feed Preparation Rooms, with their storage and cooling rooms, are above all a distribution point; hardly anything is freshly cooked here. Early in the morning every day the colleagues of the Feed Preparation Rooms distribute heavy containers of feed to the various animal stations. The feed is then prepared ready for serving.

The feed that reaches Wilhelma for all of the 10,000 animals is by no means "waste" left over from the human food-processing industry; on the contrary, it is all of the best quality. And that, despite it amounting to around 1,500 tons per year! Part of the feed, such as spoon-food for baby apes or pigment colouring for the flamingos, is delivered ready packaged.

Once a week the staff of the Feed Preparation Rooms, with their feed expert Klaus-Dieter Strauß, go to the central market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts by the crate. Fish and meat products are also only accepted by Wilhelma if they are in perfect condition.

Smaller feed animals such as fly larvae, mealworms and grasshoppers, on the other hand, are bred at the zoo. The lion's share of the feed, however, is composed of around 290 tons of hay. But most of this does not need to be bought. As Wilhelma is responsible for the upkeep of all the state parks and gardens of Stuttgart, the mown grass is pressed into handy bales in the haymaker at Rosenstein Park, then stored and finally fed to the hoofed animals.