On these pages we present you a small cross-section of the zoological part of Wilhelma in order to whet your appetite so that you will pay us a visit, and also to clarify what Wilhelma stands for, so it is clear that we cannot mention all of the animals.In order, however, to give you a short but representative idea of the great variety of animals, we will describe the animals we have chosen according to their location at Wilhelma. Each animal at Wilhelma, you see, belongs to a certain compound or (like, for example, the Compound for Bears and Mountain Animals, the South America Compound) or to a house (e.g. the Elephant and Rhino House).

Most of the animals in a compound belong to one theme – be it that they come from the same native area or that they are biologically related. But there are exceptions. In the Compound for Bears and Mountain Animals, for instance, along with the bears and ibexes you will also find beavers. In a zoo with as many animals as there are at Wilhelma it is not always possible to stick strictly to biological connections or geographical contexts from the animals' native homes.