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Bears and Mountain Animals

In 1991 the Compound for Bears and Mountain Animals was opened to the public with big festivities. This would not have been possible without the active support of the Society of Friends and Supporters. The large rocky landscape has been planned with clever zoological tricks, whereby the various sections are not separated by fences but by hidden trenches. The visitor thereby has the impression that the landscape is completely connected. In the upper section there are the spectacled bear and the maned wolves. The animal species demonstrate the link to the adjacent South America Enclosure on the other side of the path.

Below the part for the spectacled bear and the maned wolves you will find the Syrian brown bear and ibexes. They could be living in the same area together in the wild. The polar bears have been given a well-planned enclosure with plenty of water. You can marvel at their swimming skills under water, too, through a large pane of glass. Beavers swim in the water next door. Mountain goats from the Rocky Mountains in America and markhors from the Himalayans, with their corkscrew-shaped horns, are mountain animals from other regions of the world. Snow leopards, which can be seen opposite the enclosure of the beavers, belong to the big cats and also come from the Himalayan Mountains.