Azalea House – Tropics House

From October to mid May the azaleas, which belong to the heath family, move into the house. Along with the camellias the azaleas – above all Rhododendron simsii hybrids – belong to the oldest of Wilhelma's plant collections, dating back to the time of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. During the main blossoming season from March to April the bushes are completely covered with flowers. These East Asian beauties flourish in mountain regions in their home countries, and love plenty of rain.

In summer, from mid May to September, tropical plants from all over the world move into the plant house, for example palms, ferns, begonias, flamingo flowers and various species of ficus, which otherwise live behind the scenes and are not to be seen. During these summer months numerous climbing plants conquer the air space, such as various species of gourd – balsam apples, wax gourds or loofahs.