Cactus and Succulent House

You can observe the great variety of water-storing (succulent) plants here. In their tissues they can store large amounts of water, thus being able to survive unfavourable living conditions, such as long periods of drought.

The storage takes place either in the leaves, the axes (often the stems or branches) or in the roots. The best-known succulents are the cactuses (Cactaceae), which form a group of their own in the history of evolution.

The adaptation to a desert habitat means, though, that other plant families take on a form of growth similar to the cactuses, like, for instance, the wolf's milk plants (Euphorbiceae) of Africa.

Starting at the main entrance to the house, succulent plants from Africa and America grow right and left of the pathway (like the American agaves).

The first showcase on the right hand side mainly houses plants from South Africa and Madagascar. Following on you will find the cactuses of America.