Camellia House – Fuchsia House

From October to mid May the house presents the camellia collection of Wilhelma. Some of the larger examples still date back to the time of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg and are well over 160 years old. The large, regular-shaped flowers of the round about 100 species and varieties spread their charm above all in January and February, for that is the main flowering season of the camellias. These beauties from the Far East are related to the tea shrub and belong to the tea plant family.

In the summer months from the end of May until September, thousands and thousands of the little flowering bells of the fuchsias fill the house. From the huge multitude of 100 species worldwide and the 10,000 varieties bred from these, 260 different sorts of flower can be seen at Wilhelma. As shrubs, in hanging baskets or as standard plants they all show the myriad forms of this garden plant from the family of the evening primroses. Most of the fuchsias originate from Central and South America and, as wood-dwellers, prefer airy sites in the semi-shade.