The Amazon House

In an area measuring 1,200 square metres, a small cross section of a South American mountain rainforest is presented. On the narrow jungle pathway one wanders past 2,000 plants belonging to 350 species, all of them coming from Middle and South America. The bizarre shapes and colours of the blossoms and leaves give one the impression of really being in a tropical rainforest. The forms of life to be seen most often in the Amazon region are trees, climbing plants (lianas), plants that grow on other plants (air plants or epiphytes) and herbaceous plants.

At temperatures of between 25 and 28°C and a relative humidity of around 80%, many trees flourish here, such as the snake-wood tree, mahogany trees, para rubber trees, the cocoa tree and various species of palms. Climbing plants like passionflowers or monsteras overgrow rocks and tree-trunks. Numerous bromelias grow as epiphytes on trees and rocks.