Tropical Crop Plants

Tropical crop plants are in daily use today, and are an accepted part of our everyday life. Breakfast without coffee, tea or cocoa, cakes without vanilla or meals without pepper are almost unimaginable now.

Practically every one of us is wearing an article of clothing made of cotton or partly of cotton at this very moment. Numerous tropical fruits are on our menu. A lot of these plants are to be found in the House for Tropical Crop Plants, for example fibre plants (cotton, sisal agave, Manila hemp – Musa textilis), starch suppliers (yam, cassava or rice), plants that produce fruits (pineapple, mango or carambola) , spice plants (vanilla, pepper or nutmeg) and luxury or stimulant goods (coffee shrub, cocoa tree or tea shrub). Other crop plants are those that supply us with dyes or perfume additives.