Tropics House with Orchids

Our collection of orchids, with its more than 1,200 species and varieties, unfolds its magnificent array of blossoms throughout the year in two display cabinets. Owing to our huge collection, we can remove just those orchids that are flowering at the moment from the glasshouses behind the scenes and put them on show. The vanilla plant, too, a climbing orchid, regularly develops flowers and pods above the visitors' heads.

Climbing plants like the passionflower (Passiflora) or the hogweed (or pipe vine, Aristolochia), plants that grow on others (air plants or epiphytes), like bromelias or Rutenkaktus (Rhipsalis) give you an idea of the beauty and profusion of tropical forms of growth and life. Ant plants (Myrmecodia and Hydnophytum) and the pitcher plant (Urnenpflanze) Dischidia live on tree-trunks; they all have a symbiotic relationship with ants. A further epiphyte plant is the insectivorous pitcher plant (Nepenthes), the leaves of which are formed into pitcher-shaped traps for insects.