Information for teachers

  • Most groups meet up directly behind the Main Ticket Office. As this area is rather restricted in size, we recommend that you pass through here as rapidly as possible, holding any necessary talks or discussions in the gardens themselves.
  • Due to the size of the park, pupils might lose contact with their group. Therefore you should agree on meeting points with the pupils right from the beginning.
  • Please note that there are no clocks anywhere in the park.
  • Children who cannot find their group will be brought to the Main Ticket Office. You can collect them from there. In cases of emergency an announcement will be made over the loudspeaker.
  • Please arrive at Wilhelma as early as possible, so that the guided tour can begin on schedule.
  • The pupils should have the opportunity for a snack before the guided tour, as there is no opportunity for this during the tour.
  • Most guided tours begin at 10 a.m. From 1 p.m. onwards, however, it is decisively quieter, and knowledge can be imparted better.
  • The months of June and July are not so suitable for guided tours for schools, due to the large amount of visitors in those months. The spring, autumn and winter months are more recommendable for studying the animals.
  • For some guided tours the class must be divided into several groups. This depends on the theme of the tour. When visiting the Insectarium or the Amazon House, classes are usually divided into groups of 10 pupils. Please divide your class into groups before the tour begins, so that the tour can start on time.