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Wilhelma, the zoological and botanical garden in Stuttgart, is putting a strong emphasis on its conservation work.

Wilhelma takes part in the biennial EAZA Conservation Campaigns such as the 2017-2019 Silent Forest Campaign, alerting our visitors to the plight of the song birds in South East Asia.

We breed endangered species  following the recommendations of the EEP and have supported reintroduction of zoo born animals back into the wild.

With the help of the Conservation Euro, a voluntary supplement on the entrance ticket for conservation work, we support more than 20 conservation projects around the world. Among the endangered species benefitting from our help are the Sumatran rhino in Indonesia, snowleopards in the Himalaya, mountain gorillas and bonobos in Kongo, hornbills in Thayland, vultures in South Africa and sea turtles in Kenia. 

We also help protect the natural habitat of species and finance reforestation of Orang-Utan habitat in Borneo and have helped buy many square kilometers of tropical rainforest in Belize, home to jahuars and hundreds of bird species.