EAZA Campaigns

The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria EAZA has been carrying out a campaign every year since 2000, supporting selected conservation projects. The zoos that are members of the EAZA, like Wilhelma, realize their participation in many different and creative ways. The main aims of the campaigns are to raise awareness for the endangered species and to support projects financially.

Here you can see the list of EAZA Campaigns Wilhelma has so far taken part in:


Bushmeat Campaign 2000/2002 

Tiger Campaign 2002/2004

Rhinoceros Campaign 2004/2006

Amphibian Campaign 2206/2008

Great Ape Campagne 2011/2013

Pole to Pole Campaign 2013/2015

Silent Forest Campaign 2017/2019

Further information under www.eaza.net