Adopt an Animal

You have got a favourite animal and want to show this?
You always wanted to do more for animals?
You want to support Wilhelma and help realize new projects?
You need a really special present for someone who thinks a lot about animals and has already got everything?
You are public relations specialist in a company and want to do something meaningful with part of your budget?
You are a local, regional institution, a firm, a company, and want to involve yourself in animal protection and preservation of the species, or support an old Stuttgart tradition?
You are a supra-regional, international combine and want to draw attention as a nature conservationist, or simply do a good deed in the background?

No problem: adopt an animal at Wilhelma!

1. Why should you adopt an animal?

If you adopt one of our animals, your name will appear on the Adopters' Board at the Main Entrance, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption and will be invited to the yearly Adopter's Day, when you can get as close as possible to "your" animal, with the animal keepers, and find out a lot of interesting details about it.
With the money for an adoption, the amount of which is determined by "your" animal's annual costs of feeding and care, we do not, however, actually buy food! The adoption fee enables Wilhelma to realize projects that could otherwise not be realized from the normal budget, like the flamingo enclosure.
From € 500 upwards adopters receive an annual entrance ticket, from € 1,500 upwards a plaque is installed, giving your name as an adopter, by the enclosure where "your" animal lives.

2. Who can adopt an animal?

You can adopt an animal yourself or give an adoption to friends and relatives as a present. A group or a firm can also adopt an animal.

3. How does one adopt an animal?

It is quite easy to take over an adoption. On inquiry you will receive a list of animals that may be adopted. But other animals might also be available for adoption, too – just ask! Then: choose the animal, fill in the form, transfer the money – and you have already adopted an animal!
Prices for adopting an animal vary and depend on the annual costs of feed and care for the animal in question. For private persons they cost between € 50 and € 5,000. For firms and societies the fees may be somewhat higher.

An animal adoption is valid for one year from the date that the fee is credited to our account. It then automatically runs out. It is, of course, possible for you to renew your adoption. At the end of one year we send a reminder that the adoption is about to run out and ask if you wish to prolong it. We will then send you a list of animals in question should you wish to adopt a different animal or take over an additional adoption.


Information on the subject of adoptions:
Heinrich Krebs, tel.: +49(0)711/5402-119
or by e-mail:
You can also send your questions to us in writing, either by fax at +49(0)711/5402-222 or by post at Wilhelma, Theme: "Adoptions", P.O. Box 50 12 27, 70342 Stuttgart.