Guided tours "in front of the scenes"

On these guided tours, Wilhelma Escorts and members of staff at Wilhelma show you the areas of Wilhelma that are accessible to all visitors.

Guided tours with Wilhelma Escorts

Trained personnel of the Society of Friends and Supporters of Wilhelma e.V., the so-called Wilhelma Escorts, impart interesting and informative facts about flora and fauna and the history of Wilhelma.

Botanical and zoological guided tours with members of staff at Wilhelma

Animal keepers and gardeners at Wilhelma offer you guided tours through Wilhelma on selected Saturdays throughout the year. There are zoological and also botanical themes, for example "Bonsai trees in miniature size" or "The Giraffe House".The latest dates and themes are published in the Wilhelma Magazine, which appears quarterly, posted up at the entrance to Wilhelma or given on the Wilhelma site in the Internet. Keep an eye open, too, for announcements in the daily papers.Detailed information about these guided tours and how to book them can be found in our information leaflet, which can be downloaded from this page.