Meeting Animals

You would like to get closer to your favourite animal?
Or give someone an exclusive present?
Some wishes can come true at Wilhelma!

Do giraffes fascinate you, and would you like to get nearer to these graceful animals and feed them? Well then, pay these long-necks a visit with their keeper and hear all about what it is like to keep such sensitive animals.

You don't like hectic, you like to distribute vegetarian delicacies to slow-food gourmets whilst chatting to the keeper about a topsy-turvy life in trees? You're a case for our sloths!

Are you a fan of the little gentlemen in tail coats, did you always want to stroke a penguin and have a whiff of the herring perfume in the penguins' world? Then book a visit to our penguins and let their keeper explain all about life in the colony.

Did you always want to have a snake draped round your neck, gaze deep into its eyes and hear all about looking after these legless beauties? A rendezvous with our boas is just the right thing for you.

For details inquire at the admnistration:
Contact: Nikola Denkinger tel.: ++49(0)711/5402-131 or e-mail