Der Wilhelmashop beim Haupteingang

Shopping at Wilhelma

At Wilhelma you also have the opportunity to do some shopping: at the new Wilhelma Shop at the Main Entrance and at three smaller kiosks (at the Demonstration Farm, near the Young Animal Rearing Facilities and above Bistro Belvedere). They all have an assortment of goods including a wide selection of Wilhelma merchandising articles, as well as tee shirts with animal motifs, postcards, animal games and cuddly toy animals. The kiosks have been run by Leonhard Dürr Ltd. for over 25 years.

The shop and the kiosks are open daily from 9 a.m., closing at 7 p.m. respectively at dusk, depending on the time of year.

Should you wish merely to visit the Wilhelma shop at the Main Entrance without visiting Wilhelma, you may do so on leaving your Identity Card at the ticket office.