The new ape house

High standards were set for the new complex for African apes, which was opened in May 2013: it was to offer two species, gorillas and bonobos, the best zoo accommodation possible according to the present state of knowledge. The knowledge of apes and their species-specific needs has constantly increased over the past decades, and a great deal of experience has been gathered in 55 years of ape-keeping at Wilhelma, and so in this respect there were many requirements that had to be met in the construction; and last but not least we had to follow the present rules of the European Endangered Species Breeding and Conservation Programme (EEP) for the keeping of apes. The result is a building complex that offers the animals one thing above all: considerably more space than in their old home. In addition, the complex is better suited to the social systems of both species, bonobos and gorillas, and the animals find more home comforts, more nature and more things to keep them occupied.