Visit requires corona documentation

New state regulations in place as of August 16th

Masks to be worn indoors and in some designated areas outdoors

Due to the latest state regulations all visitors need to provide documentation of their corona status before admission. There are three options: either you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID. Otherwise you need a current negative rapid test. Public testing facilities are within walking distance from the main entrance.

Exempted are children under the age of six and underage school children.

Almost all animal houses and greenhouses are open again: daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Only a few houses remain closed which have outddor enclosures for all species that live there. However, the number of guests is limited according to the size of the buildings.

The mask requirement has been reduced. Mouth and nose need to be covered indoors and in designated outdoor areas, i.e. in close spaces and in front of animal enclosures of species particularly at risk from the virus, especially primates and carnivores.

The restaurants are open again. Guests are asked to wear masks until they are seated. Snacks and drinks to take away are available at food stands as well.

The ticket booking procedure remains in place. The ticket booths are still closed. Until further notice, tickets for Wilhelma can only be booked online. This also applies to holders of season tickets and to members of the supporters club. They also still need to book time slots free of charge. The time slots only apply to when you need to enter the park. All guests may stay until closing time. Likewise, tickets for the parking garage must be purchased online.

Tickets can be bought and time lots can be booked in our online store: Ticket Shop.

Vouchers for annual passes are available in our voucher store.

We appreciate any support, be it with a donation or sponsorship.