The seven questions most often asked at Wilhelma:

Are dogs also allowed in at Wilhelma?

Sorry, but the answer is: no. A lot of dogs would frighten our animals, many of which have never been used to hearing dogs barking in their natural habitats.
At the main entrance there are dog kennels, which can be rented of charge. If you feel you cannot leave your four-footed friend there, then you must unfortunately plan your visit without your dog.

How can photos of Wilhelma animals, plants and views of the park be used?

You can take photos of anything at Wilhelma for your own private use. Should you wish to use your pictures for commercial reasons, you must seek the permission of the Administration Office. It is possible to gain permission for such reasons, but this must be applied for in each individual case, stating in detail exactly to what use the photos are to be put.

May I put my Wilhelma photos on the Internet?

We have nothing against you putting photos onto a private Internet site, as long as this has no pornographic, sadistic, discriminating, political or radical contents of any kind. There should always be a mention of the fact that the photos were taken at Wilhelma, however, and this must also be mentioned if the photos are taken over and otherwise made public.

Do you have a stock-list of animals?

Our animal stock-list is only of limited use for the layman.

Is it possible for us to stroke the little ape babies?

For reasons of health and hygiene, as well as for safety reasons, only our animal keepers can have contact with the apes and monkeys. The animals do not have the same immune system as we humans, and could otherwise be infected with all sorts of contagious human diseases. On the other hand, the animals can also infect humans with various illnesses. For this reason only immunized keepers are allowed into the areas where these animals are kept.
One must also not forget that the Wilhelma animals are wild creatures and not domestic ones. Thus their reactions cannot be foreseen, and also their sheer size and inborn aggressiveness can prove a danger to humans.

Stroking animals at Wilhelma is only allowed in the specially designated area at the Demonstration Farm. Apart from this, there is also the possibility of booking one of our "Animal Meeting Programmes". 

Where does the name "Wilhelma" come from?

The name "Wilhelma" dates back to King Wilhelm I of Württemberg, who had Wilhelma built in the so-called "Moorish style" as a private retreat. The king did not take to the name "el Wilhelmie", suggested by the orientalist Ewald from the University of Tübingen, so the name "Wilhelma" was adopted in 1845. This name, together with King Wilhelm's motto, "Auf Gott vertraue ich und handle treu" ("I trust in God and act loyally") were transcribed in Arabic letters and hewn in stone above the entrances and in the covered walkway of the Moorish Garden, where they can still be seen today.

Can private exhibitions or special events be held at Wilhelma?

Within certain limits it is possible to hold special events at Wilhelma. Please inquire at the administration: phone 0711 / 54 02-0 resp.