Information Boards
Layout plans to help you find your way around Wilhelma are to be found at the Main Entrance, at the Side Entrance Pragstrasse and in Rosenstein Park. There are further layout plans where the row of glasshouses leads over to the covered walkway of the Moorish Garden, in the passageway of the Ape House, by "Café Belvedere" Bistro and at the kiosk near the zebras and bison. The layout plan is also to be found in the Wilhelma Guide Book, which can be bought at the ticket offices for 3,30 €.
Wilhelma looks back on150 years of history and so the park and some of the buildings are classified as Historical Monuments. We hope that you will therefore appreciate that Information Boards have only been installed in certain places. This helps to preserve the special charm and atmosphere of this historical garden. We try our best to keep the "signpost jungle " to a minimum. In spite of this, of course, we are constantly developing our system of signposts in order to improve orientation and also to convey information about plants, animals and history

Car Park
Wilhelma Car Park has 800 parking bays. The fee is from 1 to 5 €, depending on the length of time parked.

Toilets for wheelchair users

Toilets for wheelchair users are situated in the Wilhelma restaurants (next to the Insectarium and the Demonstration Farm), between the multi-storey parking site and the main entrance, at the Wilhelma shop and in the southern covered walkway in the Moorish Garden.



Wheelchairs and round tour without barriers

If you need a wheelchair, please ask the person in charge at the main entrance.

It is possible for wheelchair users to make a Wilhelma round tour avoiding steps or stairs. A map can also be had from the person in charge at the main entrance.



Playing Areas
There are playing areas for children on the meadow opposite the Amazon House and between the South America Enclosure and the Compound for Bears and Mountain Animals.


Toilets are to be found between the multi-storey parking site and the main entrance, adjacent to the Wilhelma shop, in the Wilhelma restaurants (near the Insectarium and the Demonstration Farm), in the Aquarium building and in the southern covered walkway in the Moorish Garden, in the building for Animals of Prey, in the Belvedere Bistro and by the Bears’ Compound next to the snow leopards/ounces.



Nursery Tables for Babies
Nursery tables for babies are situated at Wilhelma Restaurant, in the Moorish Garden and at "Restaurant am Schaubauernhof".

More Services

Lockers and dog boxes

At the new main entrance, in the direction of the multi-storey parking site, there are lockers which can be leased. Dogs are not allowed in the park – dog boxes are available in case of need, but only in limited numbers.

Filming und Photographing
Filming and photographing from the pathways is allowed for private purposes.  Publishing and usage of films and photos for commercial purposes are subject to the permission of the Director's Office.

Meadows for Relaxing
Meadows for relaxing and picnicking are indicated with special symbols. There is one such meadow, for example, opposite the Aquarium.

First Aid

In an emergency please ask the park personnel or contact the usual emergency service by telephone.


"Lost" Children and Lost Property
"Lost" children can be collected at the Main Entrance.
In case of emergency an announcement will be made over the loudspeaker.
Lost property can be collected at the Main Entrance on the day that it is found. If not collected on the same day, it is kept in the Administration Office for a certain amount of time.