It is possible to buy vouchers for a visit to Wilhelma, a gift with which you can, for example, give pleasure to friends or relatives.

Vouchers for Annual Tickets

Wilhelma offers, for instance, vouchers for Annual Tickets, so that the recipient can, for a whole year, enjoy the plant and animal world of the zoological and botanical gardens whenever he/she desires. Whatever the season, new wonders of nature are always there to be discovered. Whether it is the magnolia blossom in spring, the blooms of the exotic water-lily pool in the summer or the romantic scenery of the snow-covered Moorish Gardens in the winter, there is always something beautiful to be seen. And all the baby animals are pleased about every visitor who welcomes them to this world.

How can I get a voucher for Annual Tickets?

Vouchers can be bought at the Main Ticket Office at Wilhelma. The Main Ticket Office is open 365 days a year starting from 8.15 a.m.. The office is open until 4 p.m. in the main season from March through Oktober. It closes at 3.30 p.m. in the off-season from November through February.

Vouchers for meeting animals

Wilhelma offers meetings with a few preselected animals (cf. Navigation Point "Meeting Animals"). These are programmes for visitors and can be booked via the Administration Office. In this way Wilhelma wishes to make it possible for those interested to have closer contact to the animals.

How can I get a voucher for meeting animals?

Vouchers for meeting animals are not available at the Main Ticket Office. They can only be booked via the Administration Office. They must be paid for in advance. After receipt of payment the vouchers are sent to you by post. Only a limited number of meetings with animals can be offered each week. In certain situations they may not always be possible (when, for instance, there are new-born or very young animals that must not be disturbed, or if an animal is ill etc.).