Wilhelma as a Business Enterprise

"Wilhelma is a zoological and botanical garden in the setting of a 19th century park which is a classified historical monument. This triad of zoo, botanical gardens and historical park is what constitutes the great value and special charm of Wilhelma."

(Quoted from the "Model Wilhelma", 2000)

With over two million visitors in 2006, Wilhelma is the most favourite leisure-time institution in Stuttgart and one of the most often visited zoos in Germany. It is the only both zoological and botanical garden in Germany and is one of the zoos with the largest amount of animal species in the world. 


"Wilhelma is a Baden-Württemberg non-profit enterprise committed to serving the public interest " ("Model")

In its "Model" Wilhelma has formulated central tasks for itself.

  1. To offer people leisure and relaxation
  2. To convey knowledge of animals and plants
  3. To increase knowledge of animals and plants
  4. To support the protection of nature and animals, advocating in particular the conservation of biological diversity
  5. To preserve cultural heritage and further historical awareness
  6. To care for the public parks and gardens of Baden-Württemberg

The first four tasks are set down in the world nature conservation strategy of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Every zoo that is a member of the WAZA (like Wilhelma) accepts these standards. The remaining two tasks result from the history of Wilhelma's development and the commitment to caring for the public parks and gardens of Stuttgart that belong to Baden-Württemberg, beyond the borders of Wilhelma itself.