Behind the scenes

Wilhelma is a business enterprise belonging to Baden-Württemberg, with a total of some 200 employees. Every single day 10,000 animals and innumerable plants must be cared for. In the animal section the logistics as regards distribution of food, for example, must be finely tuned. For this purpose there is a central feed preparation centre in the operational and workshop department.

Raising some 60,000 (!) single plants yearly – bellis, dahlias, begonias and others – is only one of the jobs in the gardening department. In addition, such different plants as cacti, orchids, carnivorous plants or tropical crop plants need to be looked after, propagated and put on display in the glasshouses in the areas open to visitors. In the Aquarium the many varying needs of aquatic animals can only be satisfied with the aid of complicated technology. And no zoo can exist without a special zoo veterinary surgeon. The vets work partially in Wilhelma’s own animal clinic, but in many cases go straight to the sick animals in their own enclosures.