Clinic for sick animals

Our own clinic for sick animals consists of a consulting room, a laboratory and quarantine enclosures with space for up to 200 animals. This, however, is very rarely used. In order to spare them the stress, big and small patients are treated in their own familiar surroundings whenever possible. Not all of the animals, however, let themselves be treated without an anaesthetic. In such situations one of the most useful things for the zoo's veterinary surgeon Dr. Wolfram Rietschel is often the blowpipe. With this instrument anaesthetics and other medication can be dosed selectively, even from a greater distance. The patients are only taken to the clinic with its operating theatre, ultrasonic apparatus and x-ray unit in cases of emergency.

Confiscated animals and those that come from other zoos and are new at Wilhelma are also put into the quarantine enclosures. In order to make certain that the newcomers are thoroughly healthy and do not present an infection risk for their fellow animals, they are first kept in quarantine for up to six weeks.

A zoo veterinary surgeon, it is true, has to be an all-round specialist, but even he sometimes still needs help from other experts. In such cases cooperation takes place with other animal clinics and with doctors of human medicine.