Without specialized knowledge not even green fingers really help! All in all there are 38 members of staff who are responsible for the Botany Department: one graduate biologist, two horticultural engineers, six qualified gardeners, 22 gardener's assistants and seven trainees.

The stocks of plants are spread over six stations, each of which is led by an experienced qualified gardener. Depending on the amount of plants and the work involved there are between three and eight members of staff at one station.

The classical tasks of a gardener are care and production of plants, care of the display houses, sowing, dressing the soil, potting, re-potting and propagation of plants, as well as pest control. But Wilhelma gardeners have another task, too – answering the questions of visitors.

Essential prerequisites are pleasure in working with nature (recognizing correlations in nature and putting them into practice), manual skill, technical and commercial understanding and a sense for shapes and colours. Good health and a strong constitution are also important.

Wilhelma also trains gardeners.