Technical data and facts

With over two million visitors per year, Wilhelma is the most popular recreational institution in Stuttgart and, judging by the number of visitors, the second most popular zoo in Germany. Wilhelma is well over 74 acres in size and is the zoo with the second largest amount of animal species in Germany. Altogether some 9,000 animals belonging to more than 1,000 species live at Wilhelma. In addition there are some 7.000 species and varieties of plants in Wilhelma's botanical gardens.

                                                                 State: 2007

Financial data

Wilhelma is a business enterprise belonging to the "Land" Baden-Württemberg. As a public services enterprise of this German "Land" it is directly answerable to the Ministry of Finance and belongs to the Department of Real Estate and Building. The chief official employer is thus the Minister of Finance of Baden-Württemberg. The yearly budget in 2007 was € 16.4 million. Wilhelma finances around 70 percent of its own budget itself. The remainder comes from subsidies from the "Land" Baden-Württemberg.

Yearly budget