21st Century

2000 The Albert Schöchle Amazon House is completed. This project, too, was substantially supported by the Society of Friends. Wilhelma reaches a record number of visitors of more than 2 million.

Inauguration of the Insectarium with the Butterfly Hall.

The largest plant in the world, the giant titan, blossoms. With a height of 2.7 metres it sets up a new world record.

2006 The new Crocodile Hall is opened. Four saltwater crocodiles, of which two are white, move into the Hall.
The Society of Friends celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2006/2007 The year 2006 is the year with the highest number of visitors at Wilhelma so far. More than 2.1 million people have come to the zoological and botanical gardens.

2007 The decision has been taken in the architecture competition. The Architects' Bureau Hascher and Jehle is commissioned to plan and construct the Compound for African Apes. The first polar bear of Wilhelma named Wilbär is born. 

2009 The renovation of the Main Entrance and the construction of a new Wilhelma shop are completed.

2013 The new modern complex for African apes, for the gorillas and bonobos, is opened in May.

2014 After 24 years as director of the Wilhelma Prof. Dr. Dieter Jauch retires, Dr. Thomas Kölpin succeeds him.