The Covered Walkway in the Moorish Garden

Between the Moorish Villa and today's Aquarium lies the heart of Wilhelma and for many people the most beautiful place in the park: the Moorish Garden.

The historical lamps, also known as candelabras, the wide sweeping flight of steps, the many sculptures and the classical architectural design of the pathways, fountains and plants form the garden into a genuine highlight. Two smaller pavilions are also to be found here, known simply as the North and the South Pavilions. These little corner pavilions mark the perimeter of the Moorish Garden, together with the Covered Walkway. Built in the Moorish Garden as vantage points in 1844, the pavilions underwent a complete restoration between 1987 and 2006. The Covered Walkway with its pillars and decorated ceilings allows you to walk round the border of the garden dry shod.