The Main Entrance and the Terracotta Wall

Built in the year 1843, today's Main Entrance pavilion was planned by the architect Karl Ludwig von Zanth. His employer, the King, wanted a covered pathway leading from his living quarters to Wilhelma Theatre, and along this path there was to be a pavilion with a view of the River Neckar. The pavilion was to be around one foot (28 cm.) higher than the highest water level of the river, to protect the gardens from flooding. Beneath the path a cellar with a 2.30 metre-high vaulted ceiling for a plantation of summer mushrooms was planned. This cellar is still in existence today.

The wall above, which closed the area off from the Neckar Valley, was originally painted on the outside with figures and animals. Due to damage caused by the damp, that side of the wall was replaced in 1856 by embossed terracotta tiling, manufactured according to designs by von Zanth. These were partially restored in 1997.