Wilhelma Theatre

The theatre at Wilhelma was completed in 1840 according to the directions of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. The citizens of Bad Cannstatt had hoped to get a casino, like other spa towns had, but the king did not want his subjects to gamble their money away. So a theatre was erected instead: it did not, however, manage to have a constant programme. After just one performance the place stood empty for a long time, and was even threatened with demolition. It was not renovated until 1985, and is the only theatre in Germany built in Pompeian style, the original inside paintings of which are still in existence.

Wilhelma's theatre has been serving the Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts since 1987 as a rehearsal stage. It is administrated independently from Wilhelma, and is outside the Wilhelma boundaries. The Society of Friends and Supporters  uses the theatre, a building with a flair all of its very own, for cultural events.