The Park

Wilhelma's park is almost 70 acres in size (280,000 square metres), and thus takes up the area of some 40 football pitches. To the south the park borders onto Rosenstein Park, to the east is the River Neckar, to the west and the north there are residential areas of the Stuttgart city district Bad Cannstatt. The park consists of a historical and a newer section.

The historical part of the park faces towards the R. Neckar, lies geographically speaking at the foot of an incline and is often also known as the "lower" part or "lower" garden. This historical section is the original terrain of the private Wilhelma, which used to belong to King Wilhelm I of Württemberg, with all its historical buildings in Moorish style and all its glasshouses. There are also some animal houses here that are partially built on historical building substance, like, for example, the Aquarium or the Insectarium. In this lower part there are also the Ape Houses and the Amazon House.

The newer section, which is situated at the top of the Rosenstein slope, is also known as the "upper" section. This area was added piece by piece to the old part of Wilhelma, because the necessity for more space for animal enclosures gradually grew with the ever-increasing amount of animals. Today, all the remaining animal houses and open-air enclosures are to be found here. The last extension was added in 1993, when, parallel to the International Garden Exhibition (IGA), the Demonstration Farm was installed.