The Historical Gardens

The buildings in the historical part of the gardens are doubtlessly built in the Moorish style, but the structure of the gardens itself is not Moorish. In their basic plan the gardens follow the traditional Italian garden pattern. Proof of this can be found in the division of the historical part of the park into main and side axes and in the artificial terracing of the slope up to Rosenstein Park. Avenues of lime and plane trees serve to stress the symmetrical design of the lower garden. The vantage point at the Belvedere Pavilion is placed at the highest point of the three-tiered Sub Tropics Terraces.

The so-called Moorish Garden forms the centre of the symmetrical garden design. It can be found between the present Aquarium and the so-called Moorish Villa, a large animal and plant house. How strictly symmetrical the design is can clearly be seen in the aerial view of the Moorish Garden. The water-lily pool and the large flight of open stairs leading up from there to the Moorish Villa serve as structural elements in the design. Numerous fountains, historical vases and sculptures give the Moorish Garden its own special flair.