The Magnolia Grove

Consisting of some 70 trees, the largest magnolia grove in Europe north of the Alps is to be found in the Moorish Garden. When the trees blossom – from around the end of April, depending on the length of the winter– the garden sinks in a sea of thousands upon thousands of magnolia flowers. The colours range from pure white via pale pink to purple. A good dozen of the ancient magnolias from King Wilhelm I of Württemberg's times still embellish the garden. You can tell which of the trees these are by their strange individual shapes: the branches bow down to touch the ground and more or less prop themselves up in this way.

Forming a lovely contrast to the pink of the blossoms there is the deep, rich green of the yew trees. With their topiary work our gardeners have formed them into compact pillars. The yews, too, were already planted and cut by the staff of the King – like the collection of shrub paeonies on the upper edge of the Magnolia grove. They fully complete the picture and make this place into an incomparable experience for the visitor in spring.