The Sub Tropics Terraces

Exposed to the sun and protected from the wind, the position of the Sub Tropics Terraces is perfect for plants that otherwise have problems surviving outside in the winter, or that may not survive at all. Here, for example, the evergreen magnolia thrives, as do fig trees or Seville oranges.

From the end of May until October there are also 450 potted plants adorning the three tiers of the terraces. Fountains, sandstone walls covered with ivy and Virginia creeper, slender cypresses in the semi-circle of the sweeping flight of stairs that ascends to the vantage point at the Belvedere Pavilion – all these stress the Mediterranean flair. Every year around 10,000 plants of 150 species are bred at Wilhelma for the flowerbeds on the Sub Tropics Terraces. Another botanical highlight in summer are four showcases with insectivorous plants (insectivores).

The warm and light position is also ideal as a home for birds from tropical countries. And so there are more than 20 aviaries with parrots from Africa, America or Australia here. In another enclosure you can watch common squirrel monkeys, which also appreciate the warmth.