The Water Lily Pond

Since 1956 the large central basin in the Moorish Garden has been a home to tropical water lilies and the Indian lotus flower. The Water Lily Pond has a surface area of 650 square metres, is 1.20 metres deep and is heated in summer to 28 – 30°C. Depending on the weather situation, the aquatic plants are planted between the middle and end of May.

Every year from May to October around 35 of the prettiest species and varieties are to be admired. The different water lilies always open their flowers at their own specific times, so that the Water Lily Pond constantly changes with new flower and colour combinations throughout the day.

The giant water lilies Victoria amazonica and Victoria cruziana, named after Queen Victoria of England, impress the onlooker with their wagon-wheel-sized floating leaves.

Children can sit on these leaves without any problem! The leaves of the prickly water lily Euryale also reach an impressive size. At the edge of the pond the Indian Lotus flower Nelumbo nucifera thrives. Its leaves cannot be dampened and dirt simply runs off them. This phenomenon is called the "lotus effect", and is being copied now by industrial designers. All the plants except the lotuses are grown freshly from seed every year.