Wilhelma Surroundings

Wilhelma is a landscape that has been designed by garden architects and landscape planners. This context is not normally clear to our visitors, and so we would like to mention it here.

In the upper section of Wilhelma, the layout of Rosenstein Park and of Wilhelma merge into each other. Paths, for instance, earth fillings or plants correlate and form visual connections with one another.

Wilhelma is, apart from this, the final part of a connected park landscape that was designed as such by the architects of earlier kings. In its entirety this landscape consists of the complete Palace Gardens, beginning at Palace Square (Schlossplatz) in the heart of Stuttgart, and of Rosenstein Park and Wilhelma itself. This interlaced area of park is also known, due to its shape, as the "Green U", and is of high recreational value for the Swabian capital.

Within the Wilhelma grounds the vantage point at Belvedere Pavilion, standing on the top of a hill, offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. Thus there are visual connections to Bad Cannstatt, the valley of the R. Neckar or the Burial Chapel on Rotenberg Hill.

This architectural incorporation of Wilhelma into the surrounding area, an area developed and cultivated by man, took place because of its royal origins.  All this is thus taken into consideration when any construction planning is made, for instance for new animal enclosures.