Wilhelma School

Wilhelma School offers exciting guided tours on fascinating zoological, botanical and historical themes.

This educational institution is in the hands of a school expert, who is supported in her work by free-lance colleagues. These either have a university degree in biology or education or they are students of these subjects in their final semesters of study.

Wilhelma School lays great importance on conveying learning contents as vividly as possible, making the subject come alive, so that themes covered at school can be complemented by experiencing the living object, thus awakening enthusiasm for nature in all its diversity. The themes are oriented on schools’ curricula, but other themes are also available on prior agreement. Even if simply an excursion day is what brings you to Wilhelma, our guided tours are suitable for conveying the zoo experience to your pupils in an entertaining way.

In order to ensure intensive care of the pupils, guided tours do not, if possible, take place for whole classes but in smaller groups of a maximum of 20 pupils.