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Guided tours for school classes

It is often the guided tour that turns a visit to the zoo into a special experience! We can offer themes for school-classes of all age groups and from all school types. Even if some of the contents are more suited to a specific age group, we are flexible and can convey the contents suitably, according to the age of the pupils concerned. All guided tours with Wilhelma School take place in those areas of the zoo that are open to the general public and are “in front of the scenes”. Depending on the age of the schoolchildren and the theme covered, the tours last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Themes offered

Big cats, grey giants – Classical zoo animals

Penguin, snake and Co. – Vertebrate animals, a general view

Adaptation of mammals to their habitat

Life on the reef – a crash-course on fish

Code green – Plant tricks in rainforest and desert

Every need is provided for – Crop plants, familiar and exotic

The enemy is listening – Communication in the animal world

Modern animal-keeping in zoos and protection of the species

Social behaviour of primates

Living fossils and evolution

High tech in nature – Bionics

We also offer guided tours for following houses:


Amazon House

Insectarium and Butterfly Hall

Demonstration Farm

Themes can also be individually coordinated on request - before making your booking, just discuss this with your contact partner at Wilhelma School.

E-mail: wilhelmaschule@wilhelma.de Tel.: ++49 (0)711 5402-115


Per guided tour there is a charge of 20 Euros in addition to the usual entrance fees.

We strongly recommend that you divide classes of over 20 pupils in order to ascertain individual care of the pupils. For reasons of space some of the houses, such as Aquarium and Amazon House, require smaller groups in any case.