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Apes and sea lions

In the new Ape House (open since May 2013) you can find two African species of apes: bonobos and gorillas. It also houses the "kindergarten" for gorilla babies that were not accepted by their mothers or not properly taken care of by them. The orang-utans have moved in in 2017. The old Ape House will be remodeled to become the home of Australian species.

To the upper side of the old Ape House is the island compound with the House for Variegated Spider Monkeys, which one cannot enter, and the open-air enclosure for white-handed gibbons. This very high enclosure has been specially designed to suit the gibbons' singular method of locomotion known as brachiation (swinging from the arms). Apart from the gibbons, the Javan leaf monkeys with their punk-style hairdos also live in the house that belongs to this enclosure. Common squirrel monkeys are to be seen in an enclosure on the Sub-Tropics Terraces. Further up the hill is the rocky area for monkeys. A large group of gelada baboons lives here together with Barbary sheep and Cape hyraxes, as well as a troupe of red-faced macaques, which originate from Japan. Further species of monkeys are kept in the Amazon House (howler monkeys, pale-headed sakis, gold-headed lion tamarins).

Close by one also finds the compound for the Californian sea lions. There is always something going on amongst the sea lion group – swimming, playing, lounging in the sun, arguing … the sea lions' drive for activity always invites you to stand and watch. And you shouldn't miss one of the daily feeding sessions (11 o'clock a.m. and 3 o'clock p.m every day but Thursday). This is where the animals show all their special tricks. Of course they only need to do things that belong to the normal repertoire of a sea lion: the little tricks are not just to entertain the onlookers but also to give the animals a bit of fun. The only exception is on Thursdays, when the pool is cleaned and the sea lions remain in their private quarters. The indoor enclosure that is not open to the visitors.

Advisory: Currently the sea lion basin is under repair. For the time being the sea lions can be seen in the former polar bear enclosure.