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Demonstration Farm

For today's town-dwellers, our domestic animals and their ancestors are almost just as exotic as bears or giraffes. This is why, at our Demonstration Farm, we show animals that have played or still do play an important role in the development from the forefathers, wild animals, to the domestic animals of today.

Domestic pig of Schwäbisch Hall and Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand, dwarf goat, domestic chicken and the wild red jungle fowl and Shetland pony. But there are also races of domestic animal to be seen at the Demonstration Farm that are considered today to be less efficient or productive, and which are therefore just as endangered by extinction as some of the wild animals. Preserving these gene reserves for efficient breeding of "modern" races of domestic animal is the task of breeding associations and zoos alike. Limpurg domestic cattle and Poitou donkeys are representatives of such old races. You can learn more about the relationship of humans and domestic animal in an exhibition on this theme. By the way, you can stroke and feed some of the animals at the Demonstration Farm.

The small exhibition on the theme of domestication, that is the breeding of domestic animals from species of wild animals, is to be accessed through the indoor section of the Farm.