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The Amazon House

The Amazon House is home to a combination of animals and plants.

And so you will find further information under "Plants". With the help of some 2000 plants, the building, which was opened at the turn of the millennium, creates the illusion of a South American rainforest that does not reveal its secrets on first sight. Some species of birds fly freely in the house; one does, however, need a lot of patience if one wants to discover the colourful singers.

Mammals, reptiles and fish also abound in this building. Whilst the golden lion tamarins und white-faced sakis leap around in a lively manner in their compound, the black howler monkeys are, due to their feeding habits, obliged to take long after-dinner naps - much like the sloths nearby. Frogs, lizards and snakes are well camouflaged among the plants in their terrariums. The broad-nosed caimans, toad's head turtles and the large wels, cichlids, pacus and many others, on the other hand, can easily be seen as they peacefully swim their rounds with one another in the 100,000 litres of water in the Amazon basin. Outside, in an separate enclosure at the exit of the building, live the coatis.