The gorilla kindergarten

At the moment there are four gorillas in the gorilla kindergarten, who come from other European zoos where their mothers have been unable to rear them. There can be various reasons for their needing to be hand-reared: either their mothers will not accept them or, for health reasons, cannot produce enough breast-milk, or else the mothers have died after giving birth. Sometimes the little ones are looked after round the clock by experienced Wilhelma keepers (of both sexes), until, at the age of three or four, they reach the “awkward age” and are passed on to other zoos in the context of the European Endangered Species Breeding and Conservation Programme (EEP). The gorilla family is right next door, so from a very early age the bottle-fed babies learn, from the big and small members of their fellow species in the new ape complex, everything that a proper gorilla needs to know.