Round tours

You can decide yourself, of course, just how you want to explore Wilhelma, all depending on your mood and fancy. The visitor is presented with different pictures depending on the time of year, both in the park and the animal and plant houses. In winter the glasshouses with their great array of tropical plants offer a nice change from the lack of flowers outside. In summer the Water Lily Pond is a jewel with an incomparable atmosphere and the many young animals in the park are a delight to young and old alike.

In order to give you a few ideas to help you to choose, we will show you different tours here, which you can try out according to weather, mood, interest and the time of day or the season.

Wilhelma after your day's work

After your day's work

Wilhelma in bad weather

In bad weather

Wilhelma without Steps

without Steps

Wilhelma for Botany Fans

For Botany Fans

Wilhelma for Aquarium Fans

For Aquarium Fans