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Wilhelma Rules

At Wilhelma, guests, animals and plants should all feel equally at home. Therefore, compliance with a few rules is essential:

  • Barriers and fences must not be crossed. They protect people and animals and help to prevent accidents.
  • Please do not touch, tease or feed animals! The feeding ban for visitors supports the welfare and health of our animals. Also other objects must not be held or thrown into the enclosures.
  • Dogs or other animals are not allowed in the park. Exempted from the ban are assistance dogs.
  • It is not allowed to remove or damage plants, walk on flowerbeds and lawns, climb trees, or swim in the park's ponds.
  • In order to ensure a pleasant stay for all other guests, the following vehicles are not allowed on Wilhelma grounds: bicycles, tricycles, bobby cars, roller skates and inline skates, skateboards, city scooters and kickboards. An exception is made for tricycles with a grab rail, balance bikes for small children, and walkers. If you need to use a special walking aid for medical reasons, this must be documented by a doctor's certificate. Limited wheelchairs are also available free of charge at the main entrance. Handcarts can be brought along, but none can be borrowed at Wilhelma.

  • Barbecue and the use of radios are not permitted, as are all kinds of ball games.
  • Please do not bring balls, balloons, frisbees or other throwing objects.
  • It goes without saying that damage and soiling of any kind to buildings and in the park is prohibited. The removal of the damage will be charged to the perpetrator.
  • Photographing for private purposes is allowed, as long as the above rules are respected.  Any kind of commercial use requires separate permission.
  • Violation of these rules and regulations or disregard of the instructions of Wilhelma employees or supervisory staff may lead to a ban from Wilhelma - without refund of the admission fee.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay at Wilhelma.