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Experience family fun together

Climb and run like your favorite animals

At Wilhelma, children can not only meet animals and learn about them. They can also feel like an animal themselves in a playful, sporty way by imitating their movements: shimmy like monkeys, run like nandus or hop like kangaroos. These playgrounds were created to encourage kids to be sportive by Kinderturn-Welt, designed and realized in cooperation with the children's gymnastics foundation Kinderturnstiftung Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

A total of ten play areas spread across the grounds inspire the little ones to explore how the animals they can observe in the neighboring facilities move. For this purpose, partly new areas were built, partly the existing playgrounds were integrated into the concept of the Kinderturn-Welt.

Get to know animals and playfully imitate them

The centerpiece is the main playground around the theme of the rainforest. The play area of 1,000 square meters is embedded in tall bushes and trees. In a hedge maze made of bamboo, children learn how difficult it is to find their way in the jungle. A large wooden structure uses elements of the rainforest such as walkways, ropes, bridges, ramps and a tree hut to encourage climbing, balancing and sliding. With reference to the Amazon River, there is a water area for experimenting with the wet element.

Information panels (in German) complement each station: tigers, kangaroos, gorillas, bears and six other animal species - each represented by a "talking" cartoon animal - introduce themselves to the children: They talks about their region of origin, their strengths and typical ways of moving, and then ask the children to imitate them. The special feature is that the living role models are always found in the enclosures right next door, so that the children can first observe them closely and then emulate them. This way, the fun of movement comes naturally. Playing, gymnastics, romping and learning become one.

Service info

Reduced entrance fee

You can save on admission with our family tickets. In summer, for example, the family ticket I (one parent with children up to 17 years living in the household) costs only 25 euros, the family ticket II (both parents with children up to 17 years living in the household) only 42 euros. You can read more about this under Entrance Fees.

Diaper-changing tables

Diaper-changing tables are located in the Wilhelma restaurants as well as at the toilets at the main entrance, at the Wilhelma Shop, in the Moorish Garden and in the Great Ape House. If an adult needs to be changed, the first-aid room at the main entrance has been set up as a "toilet for everyone". If required, the key can be obtained from the staff at the main entrance.

Handcarts, scooters & bikes

Handcarts for transporting bags, picnic items or toys cannot be borrowed at the Wilhelma. However, visitors are allowed to bring their own models. Bicycles, tricycles, Bobby-Cars, inline skates, skateboards, city scooters, etc. are not permitted on Wilhelma grounds. We make an exception for tricycles with a guide bar, balance bikes for small children and walking aids. Please also note our park rules.

Lost children and lost property

If children are lost, they will be brought to the main entrance. In urgent cases, we can make an announcement over the public address system. Lost property can be handed in at the main entrance. We will keep it in our administration building for some time. Owners can pick it up there on appointment.

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