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Water lily blossoms in the Moorish Garden at Wilhelma in Stuttgart
Summer season start: Since March 1st extended opening hours again
New: Terra Australis
Mountain gorilla with baby gorilla
Your contribution - our future: Become a conservationist

Important information for your visit

  • On Thursdays the sea lion pool is cleaned. Therefore, on this day the sea lions cannot be seen.

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10.15 am
11.00 am
Sea lions
11.30 am
Geladas & Barbary sheep
01.15 pm
02.30 pm
Jackass Penguins
03.00 pm
Sea lions

Commented feeding

Opening times

Main entrance
currently closed

Tickets are available online or at the ticket booths.

Your contribution to conservation

All over the world, animal species and their habitats are under increasing threat. Their natural habitats are being pushed back, poaching and illegal hunting are decimating the populations of many species. Decisive action is needed to save them.

We are working together with our visitors to support conservation projects around the world. With the voluntary Conservation Euro, you can endow us directly with every ticket purchase - a small contribution with a big effect that goes 100 percent to where it is needed.

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