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Frequently Asked Questions

Day tickets and Annual Tickets

You can pay by EC or credit card. With the FamilienCard Stuttgart you can only pay at the ticket booths. Please note that these close at 4 p.m. (in winter at 3.30 p.m.).

Children up to the age of 5 are free of charge. All others need a regular day or annual ticket – including their birthday.

Gift certificates for annual passes and day tickets are available in the Ticket-Shop. Please note that vouchers for annual passes need to be exchanged for an individual check-in card at the ticket booth on the first visit.


With an annual pass you can visit the Zoological-Botanical Garden for twelve months as often as you like during regular opening hours. Separate tickets are required for events such as "Christmas Garden", which start after the park closes.

Annual passes are valid for twelve months from the date of issue. For gift certificates the duration of validity for the annual pass starts on the day the voucher is exchanged for a check-in card at our ticket booth.

No. Each annual pass is personalised and shows a portrait of the ticket owner. Families also receive separate cards for each member. The low rates for our annual passes are only justifiable if the tickets are not passed on to other persons. If someone other than the owner uses the annual pass at the entrance, the ticket will be confiscated without replacement.

You can buy personalised annual passes at the ticket booth, where we will take a photo of each person. Everyone has to bring a photo ID. Therefore, all persons involved (i.e. also partner or children) must be present at the time of purchase. For a reduced rate, you need to show some proof of authorization (i.e. student card, pension card or disabled person's card) or, for a partner card, the annual pass of your partner.

You can expect a processing time of five to ten minutes. Please consider that there may be a line at the ticket booth. Most people have their annual pass issued at the beginning of the summer season in March. Then there may be a longer waiting time. The whole process is usually faster during the week than at weekends, when there are more visitors standing in line at the ticket booths.

Access with the annual pass is possible at the main entrance during the entire opening time - at the side entrances only as long as there are staff at the ticket booths.

If you have forgotten your annual ticket, you have to buy a day ticket for that visit. You can get the day ticket signed at the ticket booth or by a supervisor. If you present both your annual pass and the signed day ticket at the ticket booth within 14 days, you will get a refund for the day ticket. If you have lost your annual pass, you can get a one-time replacement pass for a fee of five euros at the ticket offices at the main entrance and at Rosenstein Park. A photo ID is required for this.

Visiting & Service

No, dogs are not allowed at Wilhelma, out of consideration for the zoo animals, but also for other guests. The only exceptions are assistance dogs that are absolutely necessary for a visit (documentation needed).

If you brought your dog and need to accommodate it during your visit, there are a few kennels available near the main entrance; the fee for using them is 1 euro. The boxes are only suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. We strongly recommend leaving your four-legged friend at home, in familiar surroundings or good care. If you still need a dog kennel, please talk to our staff at the main entrance.

Feeding animals in Wilhelma is not permitted. This ensures their well-being and health. Many of our animals are food specialists and receive special rations adapted to their needs. Native animals outside of enclosures do look after themselves and must not be fed either.

Touching and petting our animals is also not permitted. The only exceptions are the animals in the children’s zoo on our farm.

To ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests, the following vehicles are not allowed on Wilhelma grounds: bicycles, tricycles, bobby cars, roller skates and inline skates, skateboards, city scooters and kickboards. We make exceptions for tricycles with a guide bar, balance bikes for small children and walking aids. If you need to use a special walking aid for medical reasons, it must be documented by a doctor's certificate.

Handcarts cannot be borrowed at the Wilhelma. However, you may bring your own for transporting bags, picnic items or toys

A small number of wheelchairs can be borrowed from our staff at the main entrance. Please make a reservation in advance by calling  +49 711 / 54 02-0 or mailing to

We have a few lockers for rent in between the main entrance and the carpark.

Diaper-changing tablesare installed in the restrooms of the Wilhelma restaurants as well as at the main entrance, at the Wilhelma Shop, in the Moorish Garden and in the Great Ape House.

If an adult needs changing, you can find a specially equipped room at the main entrance. If required, ask our staff for the key.

If lost children are found, they will be brought to the main entrance. In urgent cases, we can make an announcement over the public address system.

If you find unattended items, please turn them in at the main entrance. They we will kept at our “Lost and Found” section in our administration building for a while. If you have lost something on our premises, call our desk to check whether someone dropped it off at +49 711 / 54 02-0. There you can arrange a pick-up.

In case of an emergency, please call the number of the local rescue service: 112. For minor injuries you can contact any staff in the park or at the main entrance.

Photography & Events

You are allowed to take photographs of original Wilhelma motifs like animals, plants or buildings for private use. Commercial photo shootings, however, need a prior permission and may require a location fee. Please read our regulations on this subject.


You may publish photos of original Wilhelma motifs, i.e. our animals, plants, buildings and park, on a private website that does not pursue commercial goals and does not violate any laws or legal statutes. In order to publish such pictures free of charge, you need to mention that they were taken at Wilhelma in Stuttgart. The photos may not be used without permission to advertise products or services or be offered for download for a fee or other compensation. Please read our regulations on this.

If you want to photograph models or products, you need a permit in advance. Permission including release of motifs/purposes of use and clarification of conditions must be requested from the management for each individual case. The type of use should be specified in detail.

Due to the historical site and the operation as a zoological-botanical garden, the possibilities are limited. Rooms for private exhibitions are not available. However, you are welcome to inquire with our catering partner Marché about offers in its restaurants.

We are happy to answer your questions.

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